Saturday, July 7, 2012


We have had tremendous amounts of placements recently and I always find it interesting that the students that seem to be always talking about getting placed fast are always the last ones to get placed.

They talk about how someone got placed in 2 weeks or without even an interview and I know this is the student that is going to cause me the most amount of trouble.

There are reasons why a student that only cares about placement and not about knowledge will always take time to get placed.

Here is the reason why?

First Reason:

I have a student that is desperate to get placed and I will have a few placements in one technology and suddenly he wants to jump into that training.  I will have a few placements in another technology and he will want to jump into that training also.  The old saying is very true that: Jack of All Trades Master of None.

You have to stick to one technology and live and die in that technology.  It may take some time for placement, but when you know one technology very well, you will be sure to get placed.  In technology it is nice to know the basic of a few other technologies, but really you have to be the absolute master of one technology.
Second Reason:

Instead of simply studying and learning they are constantly worried about getting placed.  This causes crazy pressure which will cause you to take short cuts in the learning process.

There is no short cut in learning.

The equation is simple: time x effort = knowledge = job