Monday, July 30, 2012

New Guest House

We bought another condo to use as a guest house.  The last one we bought was very good and the kids have enjoyed the condo, so I went out and bought another one.

Here are a few pictures after we got it fixed it up:

This is the one parking spot that is covered.  There are lost of uncovered spots also.

Front Door  - You can sort of see me taking this picture through the glass.  Sunil is standing next to me.

This is the Living Room.  It is much bigger than it looks.  I was standing to the side, I would not show up in the glass that is in the living room.

Dining Room


 Backyard Porch - It is kind of small.

 Stairs to the Basement

Room in Basement

1/2 of the basement.  This side is for storage.  There is more storage to the right side of the basement also.

This is the other side of the basement.  This side has the new washer and dryer and AC and water heater.  I want add another full bath here, and I will have to do it in 2013.

 1/2 Bathroom on the main level

 Time to go Upstairs

 1 of 2 Bathroom upstairs

 One Bedroom with a walk0in closet.  Room is much bigger than it look.  The way I took the picture makes it look small.

 2 of 2 Bedrooms. This the master I guess since it has an attached bathroom.  This bedroom also has a walk-in.

 This is the other bathroom upstairs.  This one is attached to the bedroom.