Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Student Review

The letter below is from a student and this is why I work as hard as I do.  I do not want my kids to go through other consultancies because I know what they are all about.  

Being an international student it is not easy to find a job in US, especially when the economy is not doing good and the companies are against hiring international students. I graduated in December’2010 and to tell you guys the truth, I had already made up my mind to go back to India if I didn’t find a job by end of March. I had been applying for full time jobs since august’2010, but here I was in December and graduated with an MBA and still frustrated with this whole job search.  It was at that time when one of my classmates told me about VXL. I have friends who have gone through consultancies before and I haven’t heard good stories about their experiences. But, I must say, coming to VXL was the best decision which I could have made after my graduation.

You guys will hear stories about different consultancies on various blogs, but I can assure you what Mr. Vijay is running, is a totally different “experience”.  You will notice that I have used the word “experience” and the reason I say this is because with the kind of infrastructure (computer labs, instructors, housing, and transportation) and the personal attention which this place gives, it would be a grave injustice to call VXL a consultancy, because it is not a typical desi consultancy.  With the kind of personal interest he takes in his students and his desire to see us succeed, I thank him for all his help in launching my career.  I am not the smartest person in the world, but I can tell when a person is “genuine” and when a person is just trying to lure students in. And I must say, Mr. Vijay is a kind of person who will tell you the “truth” the way it is, on your face, and that is what I liked about him the most, his sincerity towards his students.

Once again, thank you Sir for all your help!!!