Monday, March 7, 2011

Questions from an American Indian Student

Looking at the title, you must be wondering what I am talking about.  Virtually all the Indian kids from India know about companies like ours.  But the Indian kids that grew up in USA simply have no idea how to crack the job market or do not believe that companies like us can do what we claim.

We basically teach you one years worth of material in one month.  If you are in training with us for 3 months, you have basically been to college for 3 years, that is how intense our training is and how hard we make you work.

 I am extremely patient with the American students, because I really want them to join and because I was one of them.

Here are his questions and my Answers:

1) I noticed online that the training courses are on weekends only. If you arrange for living accommodations, what does one do during the week?

Yes all our classes are on the weekend only (There are a few exceptions).  The accommodations are free.  During the week, you are given lots of reading and assignments and you are expected to work at least 40 hours a week to complete that work before the start of the next class.

2) If I was to arrange for my own living accommodations, would it reduce the cost of the program?

No.  The reason is that we already have the guest houses and this is a fixed cost and there is no reduction to our cost even if you do not stay there.  On a side note we keep 6 people in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom and they are nice, but not extremely comfortable.  We want you to use your time at our office studying or interacting with the marketing department.

3) Since I have a MM training and need a refresh in the course, would I be allowed to take a different module in the same package or is there additional charges for other modules?

You can take whatever training you want, but you need to stick to one module, get a job and then you can take other modules to increase your skill set.

4) What is the primary module that has the most demand in SAP?

Once in a while there is a new module that is hot, but currently all modules are the equally in demand, there is no one module that is better than another.

5) Can you further elaborate on the contract that you require to be signed?

You can find the contract at our website.  You will need to sign a 90 day marketing agreement in which you will agree that only we can market your resume.  If I am unable to find you something in 90 days then you look elsewhere for marketing or you can market yourself.

After the first set of questions, here were a few more I got:

1) When will the training course begin? Need to know as I am arranging my move from Houston, TX.

Please check our website, the dates are pretty accurate, but sometimes I need a critical mass to start a class, and a class maybe delayed by 1 to 2 weeks so that we can get enough students.

2) Online, it shows you have about 4-5 modules to start the same day. Does this mean that each module has a separate instructor?

(I was surprised by this question.)  But yes of course we have separate teachers for each course.  Each teacher we have is currently working in their area of expertise and teaches on the weekend.

3) Do you guys provide any car service if One needs to go anywhere?

We have a company car and a person that will help you.  We are under no obligation to do anything, but he will try his best to accommodate your needs with pickups and drop offs.