Friday, April 26, 2013

New Business Model

Some times policy and market demand forces a change to our business model.

We are going to continue what we are doing, but we are going to add a new program based on the successful program at App Academy.

We are going to have a 12 week course to teach very intense computer programming skills.  We will charge $12,000 for the course and you pay only after you get a job.  You do not pay all at once, but will pay us 15% of your salary for a period of 6 months.

We will be taking 20 students at a time into our classes that will start from July 1, 2013.

Our Courses will be:

Embedded Systems - We will be taking 20 students for our very successful Embedded Systems course.  We are looking for graduates in Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

JAVA Programming - We will be taking 20 student for our JAVA Programming course.  We are looking for students that demonstrate an ability to learn fast and are comfortable with computers.

.NET Programming - We will be taking 20 student for our .NET Programming course.  We are looking for students that demonstrate an ability to learn fast and are comfortable with computers.

 We will be adding more classes as we sense market demand.

I will start adding this course into our website shortly.  Please keep an eye out for these terrific new courses.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buying Affection

If there is a movie I really want to see, then I will make it Movie Night and I will take all my employees out for that movie.  Sometimes we will all go out to dinner before the movie.

Somebody today was saying that I am trying to buy the affection of my employees and people will just think I was a chump and this will not achieve loyalty among my employees.

So I though about this for awhile.  Humm....

Why do I take my employees out to dinner or movies?

Why do I buy lunch on Saturdays or Sundays at the office when my employees are there?

Why do I spend as much money as I do on them?

I guess there will always be people that think I am trying to buy their affection.  There will always be people that think I have some ulterior motive for doing this.

But there is no motive, I do it, because I can afford do it and I want to do it.  I guess that is hard for selfish people to understand a simply answer like that, but it is as simple as that.  I figure if I want to see a movie badly, then so do my employees and I take them with me.

I am successful because of my employees and it actually gives me great pleasure to have them with me when we go out or buy them lunches at the office.

I hope to leave behind me a great company that my employee are proud to work for.  I want management and the employees to have great trust in each other.  I want us all to be friends and grow together. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter From My Employee

I was writing the previous entry in the company blog and I go this letter in my email, and I thought that it was such a nice expression of what and who I am.

The Subject Line Was: A Thank You Note!

Hello Vijay,

I wanted to send you this note at the beginning of this year, but I forgot!  So I would like to thank you for all the support you provided for last two years of employment with your company! Contrary to beliefs of some of the individuals who left the company, I think you're far too flexible, specially with the business model you have. Other companies (multinationals or small), including some of the best in the business use international workers as bonded laborers than employees. I know this as I've talked with many of them during last 2 years and their potential offers. So this is special gratitude for that.

Thanks again!


This was a note from one of my employees and it makes me so happy to see my employees understand me.  I have always said that I have simple needs and as I make more money, I will keep offering more and more benefits to my employees.  I have never had a need to make or have crazy amounts of money.

I have never had to need to own this or that.

My business and my employees are my life, and I truly enjoy what I do.  

Also to my employee who wrote the above letter, it truly warms my heart to get that, thank you so much.

Prostitution and Consulting

Most of you that know me or have come to my classes know how my much effort I put in to succeed.  I work 7 days a week.  It is very rare that I take a day off.  I spend incredible amounts of money to have the best facilities and the best teachers.

I was sitting last week and I was talking to 2 consulting company owners and we were talking about our business model and how tough the market is recently.  So one of the company owners in all seriousness says to me, "you know what our business is Vijay, it is Prostitution", he paused at this point and then says to me "we are basically running a prostitution business".  My other friend that owns a company also agreed with him.  They went on to tell me that you have to lie about Bill Rates and that this has to be a standard practice or you can never make money.

I sitting here listening to all this and I was in total shock.  I mean like a deer in headlights type of shock.  These friends are leaders in the community and are well respected and they are telling that you have to lie and cheat in our business.  I really mean shocked as I listen to them.

I am crazy proud of my companies and the amount of people that we help out and I cannot believe that someone was equating my business to prostitution.

Of course there is a big difference in my company and most of friends companies.  None of them train and place candidates and reply on stealing candidates by subcontracting and paying 80-85% of the bill rate.  They claim that this is the only way to keep consultants, otherwise they will leave.

They have been in business for a long time and with that knowledge were giving me advice that they felt was valuable.

I have always been different.  Let me point out the way I am different.

My friends companies will not spend one penny on training, and if they have specific knowledge, they will train in that technology.

 My company, we typically offer about 10 separate classes running at the same time and you have a vast choice of technologies for you to take.  I encourage learning, so if you pay for one class, I usually let you come for any other classes that I am offering for free.  My teachers are usually the best in their field and I am ruthless in culling my teachers until only the best remain.  I spend a total of anywhere from $50,000 - $100,000 a month on training my students.

I am offering a 401K with matching of 3.5% for my employees. - I did this simply because I failed to save money and I want to give them a chance to save money tax free.  I am trying to help my students not make the same mistake that i did.

I pay salaries and I pay via direct deposit.  We maybe a small company but we want to emulate the best of the large companies but with advantages of all of us growing and being friends.

I had a dream of a product and I am working on building them.  All these other companies pretend to have products or internal projects just for getting visas.  I wanted to build an LMS and it cost me a lot of money, but we build it.  I have full time employees working on it to add more features to make it the best in the market.

On top of our LMS we are building a portal that has a chance to become a billion dollar business and we are busily working on that.  I talked to one partner at a venture capital funding company and he wanted me to come and pitch it to the company and he was sure they would invest.  The day I heard that, I committed one million dollars of my own money to the product and I have been busy building that product.

I make a lot of money and I do not apologize for that.  I have grown while the rest of the consulting companies are shrinking.  I would like to feel like our model of honesty and openness is what is helping us to succeed. 

All the other company owners want to have property in India and businesses in India.  I have no such dream.  Every penny I make will be stuffed back into my company to help us grow.  I could have easily taken the money I made last year stuffed it in the bank and never have to work ever again.  But then that is why I am me.   I have dreams of helping people and contributing to society. 

So am I running a prostitution business, NO WAY. 

I do not care how the rest of them run their business, I do not care how much land they have in India, I do not care to lie to my employees, I will continue to run my business MY WAY.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

401K Plan

We have started a 401K plan for our employees.  I have made the mistake of not saving money for retirement in life when I was younger and I want to make sure that my employees start early and save as much as they can for retirement.

Our plan is very simple.  You can save up to: $17,500 per year tax free and the company will match a total of 3.5% in additional to what you save.

So if you make $100,000, we will contribute $3,500 into the retirement plan, in addition to what you put in.  This is pretty much free money for you and I hope that each of you take advantage of the 401K plan that we have.

The 3.5% matching that I am putting in, is the maximum that I am allowed by law.   I am doing this with the hope that our employees will want to participate in the 401K plan and take advantage of this great new benefit.