Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VXL Training History

Legally VXL Training was started by me, Vijay Madala, but with the help of my friend and mento, there is no way I would be where I am now.

I was working for CCSI as a general do it all type of person and one day we got a call from one of our consultants that he knew of a great SAP teacher and would we be interested in teaching SAP.  We did not know much about SAP, but we had a friend of his that specialized in training and placement of students in SAP (named) and were doing very well. We were also intrigued with the possibilities and we decided to meet with the team that wanted to start the training.

That was what we received.  I do not have a final copy of the agreement but my guess was that we must have agreed to their terms, because we simply did not have the knowledge to argue the terms.

We gave them space for the class and provided computers, and other infrastructure that they needed to run classes.  We paid for advertising and advertised for students to take the classes and our classes used to get very full.  We were one of the very first to train in SAP in Detroit and we used to get lots of students.  The ERP Quest group would train, collect the money and then give us our share for the infrastructure.  That first year we trained lots of individuals but we did not place very many people. Most of the students that came to us during that time were people that were already working in Ford, GM, Delphi and were bored and wanted a change of career, and most of them placed themselves in SAP.

The training was good, the trainer was good, but we failed for the simple reason that it was not a skill set we had mastered and did not realize all the intricacies that were involved in training and placement of a student at the time.  The students succeeded, however. we must have had about an 80-90% placement rate by the students themselves.

Looking back I see the lost opportunity we had for growth and it makes me cringe to see our colossal waste of time and man power for the scraps that were thrown our way by the trainers.  They were more interested in the short term money that was provided by the training and the free rent and zero infrastructure cost that they were receiving.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars for very little return on our investment.  But for me it was an opportunity to learn on my friends money and I was able to build the company to where we are today, one of the premier training and placement companies in the USA in Information Technology.

That is just a short history of how we started here at VXL.

We have evolved and morphed into something so much more now.  We have learned tremendous lessons and continue to get better at what we do.