Friday, December 14, 2012

New Manager and Contact Info

We have gotten a new manager for the Farmington Hills office, his name is Vamsi and he is an Oracle Apps expert.  He is a terrific individual and cares a lot about my kids just like I do and based on his passion for the work, we went ahead and hired him.

We have never been a very big into Oracle training, but my guess is that we will start getting into Oracle based on the experience of Vamsi.

He will be taking over right away and you will start seeming him around the Farmington Hills MI office.  Since he is new, please introduce yourself so that he gets to know all of you.

You can reach him at:

I will also be available by email and phone, so nobody should feel like I am suddenly leaving.  I am just going to be running our new Falls Church VA office.  I will be available almost 24 hours a day, like I usually am.

You can still reach me at:

Vijay Madala

I will be coming back to our Farmington Hills office for 1 week out of every month, so you will still see me, just a little less than usual.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Server Infrastructure

I have always said that I am very proud of the infrastructure that we have.  Part of that infrastructure is our servers.

Here are some pictures of my server farm that I have running for our VXL Students.  For me to offer our servers at the speed and availability that I offer, it has taken $220,000 in investment and a monthly reoccurring cost of around $5000 to keep everything running smoothly.  My electricity bill alone comes to around $1500 a month.   None of these costs included the countless man hours for setup and maintenance.

I have to have the best for my students and I have made sure that even our servers are the best.  Most of our servers run 48GB Ram server with Twin Quad Core Chips and are running on a dedicated 50/5 MB line.  That is the fastest internet speeds in our area, unless I want to spend ridiculous money to get fiber, but those expenses are even beyond me.  By the way 50/5 MB dedicated line is very fast.

Here are a few pictures:

This is a picture of the server room that I got built.  

These are rack servers with 32 GB or 48GB ram and each server cost me about $5000.  This rack itself represents around $65,000 in investment.

The big servers on the bottom 2 rows are 48GB ram Twin Quad Core servers and they cost me around $8000 each.  The top row are cheaper servers around $2000 each or less.  This rack represents around $74,000 in investment, roughly.

The big servers on the bottom 2 rows are 48GB Ram Twin Quad Core servers and on average cost me around $8000 each.  This rack has around $64,000 in investment.

Besides these servers I also have a 68GB ram server that handles all our video conversions, that cost me around $10,000, and we use Amazon Web Services offering to boost what we offer.

Just that I would point out what it takes to run a training center.  It is not simply getting a space and hiring a teacher.  It takes hundred's of thousands of dollars in infrastructure.

I would bet you would have never guessed we have such a large investment in server infrastructure. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VXL Core Principles.

I am hiring someone new to basically do what I used to do for the Detroit office and I though that I would take this time to outline our core philosophy in our business.  I want whoever we hire to understand how I would like him/her to make all decisions based on these core principles.

1) Our Students and Consultants are the most important resource we have.  Treat them with respect and love.

2) Do whatever you do with the idea that you are helping someone.  Do not do something, because you think you can make money. 

3) Success and Failure are part of life, do the very best you can and if you fail that is OK.

4) Treat the students and consultants like you would like to be treated.

5) Learn from every mistake and make sure you do not repeat it.

6) Most people are kind and generous, so judge everyone kindly until proven otherwise.

7) Do everything you do with a long term vision.

8) Do not allow mediocrity, VXL must be #1 or #2 in whatever training we provide.  If another company is very good at a technology that we do not provide, refer students to them.

9) Our goal is to help people, not to make money.  You will make money automatically if you realize that our goal is to help people.

10) Be passionate about learning and imparting knowledge, what VXL does, changes people lives and that is what should drive you to come to work.

11) Money is not important.  Spend money to have the best of everything, from infrastructure to teachers.  Do not settle for anything less than the absolute best.

12) Be available to the consultants and students at all times.  Good news or bad news, pick up the phone and talk to everybody. 

13) Do not lie to a consultant ever.  Do not hide bill rates.  Do not cheat a consultant.

14) Have fun.  Do your best. Be truthful, always. 

OK, these are our core principles.  I will keep adding to them.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Wash DC?

Somebody was asking me why we are opening our second office in Wash DC?

The answer is that I grew up in Wash DC metro area.  I went to Mantua Elementary in Fairfax VA, then I went to Bryant Middle School and finally to Groveton High School (Now it is called West Potomac High School).  All the schools are in Northern VA.  I even went to college at George Mason University in Fairfax VA.  My family was one of the first 100 families in Wash DC area.  I remember a time when I was very young if my mom saw another Indian family she would stop, talk to them, get to know them and invite them over to the house.  Initially in Wash DC it used to be the Indian Association and Indians from all over India used to come, then as more Indians came to the area, it became the South Indian Association and then Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society.  I am not sure what the Telugu association is called now in the DC Metro area, but I guess I will find out soon.

Anyway, the real reason I am opening our second office in Wash DC, is that I am having a baby in April 2013 and I want to raise my kid in the Wash DC area where all my relatives live.  I believe a kid being raised in the Wash DC area has considerable advantages in opportunities and I really want my kid being raised near all his relatives so he/she has a support network.

So the Wash DC market gets the opportunity to experience the Best IT Training company in USA.  VXL Training will be opening its new office in Falls Church VA.

The Wash DC market will see a blitz of advertising over the coming 1 year, so that I can introduce you to VXL Training and what we do.

I have been looking around the Wash DC market and I do not see very many IT Training and Placement companies and my guess is that the high prices have driven the companies to other locations, so Wash DC Metro area, if you are unemployed or under employed, then you need to come and see me.  Most of my employees make close to $100,000 by second year, so if you do not see yourself making that type of money soon, then come and see me and I will help you get a career and not just a job.

New Office - Wash DC

We are opening a new office in Wash DC and it will be in full operation by Jan 1, 2013.  I will post our new address here as soon as I finalize the office.  But the office will be in Falls Church VA area.  It is a good central location with great Metro access.

I am moving to Wash DC from Dec 14th onwards.  I will start being based out of Wash DC from that date onwards.  I will still come every couple of weeks to look after the Detroit office, but my base of operation will be shifting to Wash DC.

The Detroit based employees and students never have to worry, I will always be available on my cell phone just like usual.  You may not see in person that much anymore, but I will always be just a phone call away to solve any issues.

We will be hiring a manager to handle the Detroit operation along with a new employee for recruiting students.  Once I make the new hire, I will update you with their profiles here.

We are growing tremendously fast and it seems like the market has picked up considerably, so it is time to grow fast.  I have paced out growth in a down market, but now that I see the market picking up, it is time to spend some money and hire a few new employees to get ready for the stampede in demand I see coming.