Thursday, December 13, 2012

Server Infrastructure

I have always said that I am very proud of the infrastructure that we have.  Part of that infrastructure is our servers.

Here are some pictures of my server farm that I have running for our VXL Students.  For me to offer our servers at the speed and availability that I offer, it has taken $220,000 in investment and a monthly reoccurring cost of around $5000 to keep everything running smoothly.  My electricity bill alone comes to around $1500 a month.   None of these costs included the countless man hours for setup and maintenance.

I have to have the best for my students and I have made sure that even our servers are the best.  Most of our servers run 48GB Ram server with Twin Quad Core Chips and are running on a dedicated 50/5 MB line.  That is the fastest internet speeds in our area, unless I want to spend ridiculous money to get fiber, but those expenses are even beyond me.  By the way 50/5 MB dedicated line is very fast.

Here are a few pictures:

This is a picture of the server room that I got built.  

These are rack servers with 32 GB or 48GB ram and each server cost me about $5000.  This rack itself represents around $65,000 in investment.

The big servers on the bottom 2 rows are 48GB ram Twin Quad Core servers and they cost me around $8000 each.  The top row are cheaper servers around $2000 each or less.  This rack represents around $74,000 in investment, roughly.

The big servers on the bottom 2 rows are 48GB Ram Twin Quad Core servers and on average cost me around $8000 each.  This rack has around $64,000 in investment.

Besides these servers I also have a 68GB ram server that handles all our video conversions, that cost me around $10,000, and we use Amazon Web Services offering to boost what we offer.

Just that I would point out what it takes to run a training center.  It is not simply getting a space and hiring a teacher.  It takes hundred's of thousands of dollars in infrastructure.

I would bet you would have never guessed we have such a large investment in server infrastructure.