Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VXL Core Principles.

I am hiring someone new to basically do what I used to do for the Detroit office and I though that I would take this time to outline our core philosophy in our business.  I want whoever we hire to understand how I would like him/her to make all decisions based on these core principles.

1) Our Students and Consultants are the most important resource we have.  Treat them with respect and love.

2) Do whatever you do with the idea that you are helping someone.  Do not do something, because you think you can make money. 

3) Success and Failure are part of life, do the very best you can and if you fail that is OK.

4) Treat the students and consultants like you would like to be treated.

5) Learn from every mistake and make sure you do not repeat it.

6) Most people are kind and generous, so judge everyone kindly until proven otherwise.

7) Do everything you do with a long term vision.

8) Do not allow mediocrity, VXL must be #1 or #2 in whatever training we provide.  If another company is very good at a technology that we do not provide, refer students to them.

9) Our goal is to help people, not to make money.  You will make money automatically if you realize that our goal is to help people.

10) Be passionate about learning and imparting knowledge, what VXL does, changes people lives and that is what should drive you to come to work.

11) Money is not important.  Spend money to have the best of everything, from infrastructure to teachers.  Do not settle for anything less than the absolute best.

12) Be available to the consultants and students at all times.  Good news or bad news, pick up the phone and talk to everybody. 

13) Do not lie to a consultant ever.  Do not hide bill rates.  Do not cheat a consultant.

14) Have fun.  Do your best. Be truthful, always. 

OK, these are our core principles.  I will keep adding to them.