Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Woe, is Me!

I was talking to one of my students yesterday and she was sad that it has been 30 days and I have not placed her yet. The market has been slow and it has only started to pick up since last week as far as placements, so I am sure she will get placed in the next 30 days.

Everyone knows how to deal with success, but your true character comes out when you have to deal with adversity.

So this young lady was feeling sad and bad about her fate, since she has been working so hard and did not get placed.

I was telling her that she is so young and has barely lived and has not faced real adversity.

There are so many factors that allow one to become successful, and some of them include, hard work, luck, timing, and natural talent.

A confluence of those factors cause one to be successful.  Sometimes it takes time, and sometimes it happens quickly.

I believe that Hard Work will simply give you more opportunities to become successful, but I believe that luck will also play a big part of success.

Anyway back to adversity.  As I was telling this young lady, her 30 days of adversity or bad luck as she terms it, is simply nothing in terms of adversity.

Let your wife come home as you are playing with your 2 kids and tell you that those kids are not yours and she slept with another man and the kids are his.

That is adversity.  Try and deal with something like that, to bring out someones character.

Yes the market is slow and I have not placed you as fast I would like, but trust me, your adversity is nothing.  Keep studying and working hard and I guarantee you that you will be successful in the long run.

Here are some true life stories of adversity from people I know to show you what real adversity is:

Story 1:

A couple after 15 years of marriage and the husband having a great job, comes home and tells his wife that he has lost all the money gambling they have saved and they are now $100,000 in debt.

Another great story of adversity, what would you do?

Story 2:

A married couple have 2 kids.  The husband is a doctor and the wife is a housewife.  The wife one day says that she wants a divorce, because she did not imagine all she would do in life was be a mother and she had dreams of her own.  Later on it is reveled that she slept with his partner in their medical practice.  The practice dissolves and the husband had to start all over in his career. 

Another great story of adversity, what would you do?

Story 3:

A successful doctor lends a lot of money to his brother in India to start a business.  His brother becomes a big success in business, but is not paying back his brother. 

Not really a story of adversity, but what would you do?

I could go on and on with real life stories of adversity, but you get the picture.  My student has not faced any real adversity, but some bad timing as far as the job market.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Todays Email From A Student

I got this email from a student today: (This was the exact letter)

Hi How are you? 
 I do need some sort of documentation stating that you will get me job or will refund the money before i proceed. I had taken training with prior school like Influx, and Blue Cube and xcelresource and they all failed to provide me any sort of employment. So if you can state that " we will get you job or 100% money back". Now let me know because i can't keep spending money since i am unemployed for last two years 
Thanks & Regards

So I replied back:


No I cannot. Since you have failed with 3 other companies I am not interested in taking you for training.


Here was the final reply from Kamran:

I didn't fail they never market my resume but sure no problem . you sound like scam like other schools as well anyway who just wants the money 

So that was the interaction. 

Any company that says that they have 100% placement or any student that demands 100% placement or wants a refund, you need to stay away from.

There is a real cost to training and the fees I charge do not ever cover the actual cost of training.  There is no way you can place 100% of the people that come to you, and you have to do the best you can, and that is all I promise.

I get emails like this all the time and I usually tend to avoid people like this, because from my past experience, I always have trouble with people like this.

If he has gone to 3 training and placement companies, and failed to get a job, then I think there is something wrong with the student and not the training and companies.  I like to help people, but sometimes even I have to say no.