Friday, September 6, 2013

Incident at Guest House

I think everyone forgot about the incident at the Guest House in the past, because there was almost a fight today.

Here is the story again:  Please read it and try and learn a lesson.

Incident at the guest house

We have students that stay with us at the guest house and we had an incident that happened that I think everybody can learn from.

A recent student had come to the guest house and did not have cash, but had a check for $1000 from some relative of his. Let's call him " the douchebag."

One of the other kids had been working and had money, and was generally a nice guy, said "OK, I will lend you $50 and you can pay me back after you get money again." We'll call him "the money lender" The agreement was done and the douchebag took the $50.

After a week the money lender asked for his $50 back and the douchebag blew him off, saying yeah yeah you will get your money.

Second week comes and still no money had been returned, so money lender asked again.  The douchebag gets angry and takes some money out of his pocket and throws it at the money lender, saying "Here is some money, I will pay you the rest as soon as I cash the check," and shows his check again.  The money lender picks up the money that was thrown and it happens to be $26.  So there are a few more words exchanged and a small fight takes place.  The douchebag locks himself in the bathroom and calls the police.

Here we get a divergence in the story.  The money lender says that there was no real physical damage done, but that the douchebag emerged out of the bathroom with physical bruises and had blood on his face and he went to the police and said that he was attacked. The police ended up arresting the money lender.

The money lender is taken to jail. His boss goes to bail him out, but is told that until he faces the judge the next morning, there is no way to get him out of jail.  The next day goes in front of the judge who sets his bail at $500 and finally the money lender is out of jail.

The court case on this was May 17, 2011 and here is the final outcome.  The money lender was fined $750 plus 35 hours of community service and 9 months of probation.  The lawyer cost was $5000.

So the money lender, who was trying to be a nice guy, ended up losing $5750 plus all the community service hours and the 9 months of probation.

So there are lots of questions that arise from this situation:

1) Would you lend a roommate in the guest house money?
2) If you did and were not paid back, would you confront that roomate?
3) If you knew you could get convicted of assault and it could be determined to be a felony, which would guarantee that you will not get an H1B, how would this determine your actions? Would they change? Stay the same? 

This is a real life story that happened recently. What would you do when confronted with this situation?