Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lost Indian Passport and H1B Issues

One of my employees lost his passport and he had a lot of questions regarding his passport and his H1B.  I thought it might be helpful for somebody else out there in the same situation.  So here were the questions from my employee and the answers from our lawyer:

1. I see from this link that I need to report that my Visa is lost 
Should I be doing it or not ? When should I be doing it? And if I report will it create will there be any problem in my H1B Visa status? I am worried that I might be called back to India for getting new stamping if I report here ?

A: Optional since you are in the US and you lost your passport/visa in US, not in India.

2. Should I necessarily travel to India to get the stamping done ?

A: No.

3. Will loss of Passport and Visa create any problems in my status?

A: No.

4.  Will I have a remark when i go for stamping to India at anytime , as I have lost my passport and Visa ?

A: No.

5. Can I stay in USA without going to India for next 3 years ?

A: Yes.

6. Can I use my old passport scans and new passport for my H1B extension?

A: Yes. In fact, for your H1B extension, you do NOT need old passport scans. You only need new passport information and valid I-797.

7. If I can stay in USA , can I invite my parents for a visitor B1/B2 visa without any problem with my old passport scans and new passport?

A: Yes, but whether your parents can get the B visa depends on if they can convince the consulate they have strong tie in India.

8. I have no State ID or Driving license , can I apply for new Driving license and State ID with my old passport scans and new passport ?

A: Yes.