Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Letter to My Employees

I have been running the companies for over 4 years now.  We have grown from zero employees to a very nice size company in this short time.

You are my employees, but more than that, most of you have become close friends of mine.

Dec 31st will be my last day of work and I will be taking 2015 off and concentrating on my health.  I have a simple dream of being alive to see my daughter get married and the way I have neglected my health is almost criminal.  I intend to take 2015 off to concentrate on my health and lose 100 pounds.  I have been over-weight my entire life and I do not want to feel like I have been feeling of late.  I currently take 120 units of short term insulin and 120 units of long term insulin per day and I have pretty much maxed out on insulin. 

Before I had Priya, my daughter, I had accepted my mortality and figured I would die before the age of 60 and I had accepted that.  But now that I do have a daughter, I want to help her grow up and stand on her own, before I die.

What does it mean to you?  I will not be coming to the office from 2015 and Upendra will be taking over my duties in the company.  You can call him for anything that you need. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Vijay Madala