Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reviews on VXL Training

I was looking for reviews on VXL Training online and I found a couple.  I was dismayed to find two older ones that gave us just average reviews. 

Then again you have to preface it with the knowledge that we have trained over 10,000 students during our years in existence.   Almost 95% of that was paid training.  When someone pays for training, and even if you get a result of 90% success in your students getting jobs, the 10% that do not succeed will be the ones that complain voraciously.

I have worked so hard to get and keep the best teachers.  I have had the same teachers for years now.  I pay the highest salaries, give them the best equipment, so that all they ever have to worry about is teaching.

I know that having only 2 average reviews and no bad reviews is probably considered a success, but somehow it still hurt me to see it.  It hurt me, because I have so much pride in what I do. I work so hard and spend so much money to make sure my kids have the very best in teachers, resources and facilities.

If my kids requested something from me that will make their training better or to get a better result, I would do it or buy it without hesitation.  So if you guys see something wrong, please come to me and I promise to get it fixed right away.