Sunday, March 13, 2011

New SAP GURU added to our team

I have added a 16 year SAP Guru to our team.  He currently runs an entire SAP implementation, and on his recent project, which is currently 2.5 years old, he was the one that convinced the company to switch to SAP and is responsible for the entire project's success or failure.  He is an incredible human being, and wildly devoted to teaching and wants to help our students succeed.  There are very few people that would do this. Here is someone who is in such a position of power, but he is still willing to join our team. Thank you God, for bringing him to us.  (He was the one that hired the entire team of SAP consultants on his current project)

He will now be monitoring all of our SAP training including SAP Premium to make sure that the training meets our students' needs for success.

He understands the entire SAP landscape and he will be the one that will give the finishing touches to our SAP students to get them to think like a consultant.

Here are a few quotes from his recent conversations and emails to me:

Quote 1:

I feel that sound understanding of all concepts of SAP (in each subject) as well as being able to execute most processes like a business user (particularly for students not having adequate industry experience) will make a big difference to their understanding and effectiveness on the job.  This is similar to training that we give to business super-users.

Quote 2:

Focus on the rationale/logic/common practices in setting up configuration settings in a particular way. There is no course which will guide them on this aspect at all,, but we will do it. 

Quote 3: (I told him that I would pay him very well, and he gave me the below)

Thanks for your time. God has been very kind and I am very well off financially.  I am looking from a long term and really from a more holistic perspective than revenue from training. Hence, I am completely open to any arrangement (even teaching for free). In my 21 years of IT experience, I have spent 16+ years in consulting on turnkey engagements for midsize ($500M+) to global organizations with more than $ 40B+. I really feel that there are greater opportunities in placements/consulting and being able to do project work on a turnkey/project basis.