Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elitest Training - No Thanks

I was talking to one of our fellow competitors and he was saying that he lets lots of students into his SAP training but out of his last group of 8 students he decided to only choose 3 students to work with on a personal basis.  Out of those 3, two got placed and 1 is almost placed.  Obviously his choice and method worked.  But my question is, is this correct?

Yes, is this correct?

I reflect and think and feel there is something so incoherently wrong in this method.

I come up with lots of questions in his method.

In his class of 8 students a few did not have the perfect communications but were extremely hard working.  A few did not have the right look.  A few were a little less than perfect.  He ended up choosing the 3 very best in that class for additional training.

I will tell you why that is wrong.  I currently have 4 students in my BA class that are trained and will surely get placed.  But out of that group, 2 will get placed no matter who trained them or what they learned.  They are simply that good and work that hard on their own.  I cannot then say I have some special training. Pick 2 of them and work with them additionally and then say my training is why they got placed.  They would have gotten placed no matter what.

I am also not saying that the additional training was not helpful.  What I am saying is, what happened to the other 5 people you rejected.  Do you think about them?  Do you worry about them?

Well I worry and think about them.  I believe that a weak student should get more help.  If you are too busy, you hire someone to put in the work that is necessary to get them ready for marketing.  You do not simply let them go.  That is the path of the coward.  I will not do that.

Every person you let go of is an opportunity to help someone that really needed your talent and help that you gave up on.

The training and placement I do for students, I do not do this for the money. If I had a lot of money I would do what I do for free.  I do this because of the immense satisfaction I get from helping a student begin his career and his life.  My students know that money is not what is important to me, but once I get a student into my training, they are what is important to me.  I will spend whatever it takes and work 'til I collapse to get them ready for a career.

I guess we just have different methodologies and different mind sets, that's all.