Monday, May 2, 2011

Our SAP Training and the Price

I get a lot of calls about why our prices are so high for our SAP training.  That is a good question, so why do we charge $2500 instead of the usual market price of $1500 for our SAP classes?

Every business has a price point and a reason for that price point.  We never compromise on quality and will do whatever it takes for our consultants to be trained to the highest standards.  We refuse to compete on price and will likely always be the highest priced training company in the market place that we compete in.

For instance in our SAP FICO training we offer, 2 Months of SAP classes for a total of 64 Hours Minimum.  We usually go about 80 hours for our classes though.  We had a student in our current class that had gone to another company in Michigan for SAP FICO training and here is a summary of what she told me about their training.  She told me that they promised the moon, but in the end the teacher was a managerial level FICO consultant and that she only gave an overview of SAP FICO without any real substance.  Any questions my current student asked at the other company would always get the same reply: that work is done by the developers.

This is what we offer for $2500 in our SAP FICO training:

Minimum of 64 hours of SAP FICO Class Hours - Usually we go about 80 hours
In depth Q & A sessions via gotomeeting during the weekday evenings
SAP Premium (If you are selected) - 30 days of daily solving live SAP issues that our consultants have faced.
30-60 Days of Live Project Participation - This is an additional $299 per month

(SAP Premium will be an additional 60 hours of problem solving - But is only available for students that will sign a contract to work for us for 1 year)

This what our competition offers for $1500 in their SAP FICO class:

"Promised hours" of 48 hours  - Usually they tend to do 20-26 hours
No Q & A Sessions outside of class hours
No SAP Premium
No Live Project Participation

Most Indians (my customer base) tend to be very price sensitive, but I will let others compete on price and I will stick with the way I feel that the SAP training has to be done.  If this requires me to charge a higher price, then so be it.

I look at each and every student as an extension of a family.  If I can help that student succeed, I feel like I am helping a family member succeed.

I will keep my price point where it is, because I do not want a lot of students anyway.  I prefer to work with just 4-5 students per class.  This will allow us to give more attention to each of our students. 

My suggestion is that you show up on a class day and talk to any of my current students and ask them about their experience so far and they will give you the best feedback if they are getting their value for their money.  I believe that they will all give you a resounding YES.