Thursday, May 19, 2011

Expenses for Training and Placement

I know what I do seems very easy but I just wanted to give you guys a breakdown on what my actual expenses are so you know that it is not easy to do what I do, especially as a new start up.

Rent $3,300.00
Salaries $7,500.00
India Office $4,000.00
Advertising $1,500.00
Internet $200.00
Staff Phones $500.00
Guest House $4,500.00
Vijays Salary $5,000.00*
Gotomeeting $300.00
Misc Exp $500.00
Training Exp $2,000.00

Total $29,300.00

*Vijay's salary will start from June 1st, 2011. Before this date he has not taken one dollar.

Yes we do spend $29,300 per month for our training and placement division.  This is what it costs me each and every month.  This does not include SAP Server access which costs another $3100 per month, but that expense falls into the SAP Access division so I will not include it here, even though it should be included since it is really an expense.

I believe in team building and all of us acting on behalf of a greater good.  When I work as hard as I do and spend as much money as I do, I expect all of my consultants not to act selfishly but work together with us in this team building.  I will continue to keep spending major money to improve the training and placement division 'til it reaches it's full potential.

To each of you that complains that I charge a lot for training, your training is actually subsidized by all our placements.  There is no way that we are charging you what it should really be costing you.

In the final analysis do I make a lot of money?  Not really for all the work I do, but I will continue to do it, because I know that no one will work as hard as I do for the students that join us.  And this is a big AND, I LOVE what I do.  Yes, I love seeing my kids come into training with just potential and I can take that block of marble and make it into a David.  I am obviously no Micheal Angelo, but really, I love what I do and that is how I feel when I can take a student and train and place them.

If you can say that about a job, then you have found a calling and should continue to work hard to excel in it.