Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Info From Our SAP Guru

Here is some work that the SAP GURU has been doing to get ready for the April 16th class.  He will be teaching some subjects in addition to your regular FICO teacher.

Here is the note of what he has been doing for you:

I have done complete baseline config of all core processes for GL (including basic processes of New GL), Controlling (CCA – With Manual Planning and Real Time Integration of FI-CO), AP (including Logistics Invoice Verification), AR (including Lockbox) and Fixed Assets (Including Using Internal Orders for Investments) in E30. Can you please back this up at this stage and let me know?

I plan to focus on Financial Supply Chain Management areas of Dispute, Credit and Collections and Controlling -- Profitability Analysis next as time permits in this environment. Please do not grant access to this environment till I complete the entire setup and we backup the contents. I do have access to E17 (IDES) also….but I have not configured anything in this at all. I used it primarily to compare certain values for reference purposes. I would appreciate if this too can be excluded from access to other for a couple of weeks. 

Looks like the next batch of SAP FICO students are going to have a tremendous learning experience.  The SAP GURU comes by almost everyday and we chat about how to improve our processes and make the leaning experience better for every batch of students.