Thursday, March 7, 2013

Todays Email From A Student

I got this email from a student today: (This was the exact letter)

Hi How are you? 
 I do need some sort of documentation stating that you will get me job or will refund the money before i proceed. I had taken training with prior school like Influx, and Blue Cube and xcelresource and they all failed to provide me any sort of employment. So if you can state that " we will get you job or 100% money back". Now let me know because i can't keep spending money since i am unemployed for last two years 
Thanks & Regards

So I replied back:


No I cannot. Since you have failed with 3 other companies I am not interested in taking you for training.


Here was the final reply from Kamran:

I didn't fail they never market my resume but sure no problem . you sound like scam like other schools as well anyway who just wants the money 

So that was the interaction. 

Any company that says that they have 100% placement or any student that demands 100% placement or wants a refund, you need to stay away from.

There is a real cost to training and the fees I charge do not ever cover the actual cost of training.  There is no way you can place 100% of the people that come to you, and you have to do the best you can, and that is all I promise.

I get emails like this all the time and I usually tend to avoid people like this, because from my past experience, I always have trouble with people like this.

If he has gone to 3 training and placement companies, and failed to get a job, then I think there is something wrong with the student and not the training and companies.  I like to help people, but sometimes even I have to say no.