Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Employee Comment

I was chatting to one of my employee that works as a BA for me and he was telling about all the horror stories that he heard from other consultants about their companies.

Apparently other companies keep people original documents, they keep charging the consultants various fees that are not disclosed, and of course paychecks that are late or do not come.  I have heard of consultants crying that they have no money and will the company at least give them a $1000 of the money they are owed.  Apparently none of the companies keeps their promises.

Anyway he heard lots of horror stories and he felt like writing me an email, so here was his email (It is his original email):

Yea... I know, ... But ur still a good person and you have been of great help all through this process... I have heard stories from other people from different consultancy companies and u have actually beaten all of them... Just wanted to say thank u

The Yea I know refers to my previous email in which he thanked me before and I wrote: (below is the actual email I wrote)

Not a problem. I am happy to help people and I always view that as my mission.

The other companies view money as the objective and that it where they do things wrong and take short cuts.

My kids are very important and I want each and every one of you to succeed.

I know I should not be bragging, but I feel like a proud parent when your child comes to you and says thank you.  You know you work hard, but it is rare that someone will come out and say thank you and acknowledge that.

I have to say that this letter made my day yesterday.