Friday, February 8, 2013

Lost Another Kid

All my friends tell me not to take US Citizens or Greencard holders because they are not loyal and they will not stay with us.  I did not agree and as I mentioned I encourage US Citizens to study with us and get placed with us.

I told you that over the last 2 years I have only lost 3 candidates who have broken their contract and left to join full time elsewhere.

Today it happened again.  I lost a US Citizen that trained with us and he is leaving to join full time with Accenture.  He said he will pay the penalty on the contract.  I do not think that these kids understand the tremendous costs that are associated with training and placing someone.  My Detroit office is running expenses at $45,000 a month and the DC office is currently running at $15,000 a month.  If a majority of students just came to me and got trained and did not finish their contract with us, I would just have to close down, since my costs are so high.

My students get full time offers all the time and everybody always says no, because they are trying to help me and they know in the long run, I will pay them more than a full time job after one year of working for me anyway.

But there is one thing I have noticed, out of the kids that have left, 3 out of 4 were the weakest candidates I had in their field.  I think it comes down to not having faith in their own abilities, and taking the first full time offer that comes, because they know they are not good in their skill sets.

It was funny, he called me and asked me for references for the full time job and said he will pay the penalty in the contract.  I explained that the penalty was very small and would not even cover my costs, and it was in place because that was the amount that the lawyer said was legal.  I told him  that I expected him to finish his one year with us.

He claimed that he was not like the other kids and that he had a business and he did need a job desperately like the others did.  He then asked me if I would help with references or not and I said no, and then he hung up on me as I was still talking.

I hate to say anything bad about anybody, but as a student he was horrible.  As an consultant he was horrible and my support bills on him were ridiculous, and in fact his support bill was more than the support bill for everybody else combined.  I never said a word.

I have told all of you in the past, there are no companies like mine that take American Citizen or GC holders, because of this issue of not staying with your employer.  All the rest of the companies will only take F1 - OPT students, because they will stay for 7 years until the process of F1 to GC gets completed.

I am sure without me, this student would have never gotten a professional job, so I guess I should be happy in the knowledge that I helped someone.

But in the short run I am angry, that people do not understand that without me, they would not have a career.  For someone that helped you get to where you are, you need to be much more grateful and stick to your word and finish the one year with us.  At the end of the 2nd year all my consultants make market rates anyway.

OK, I am upset right now and I am also thinking of never taking American Citizens or GC again, but that would be wrong.  I can help so many people and I like to help people, but if I see a trend, I will react.  You can fool me once, twice and it is a trend and three times I have to act.