Sunday, February 20, 2011

Students Story 2

The below story was edited with the permission of the student.  She was a little unsure of her writing skills and I edited it so the message was clearer.  But the letter is accurate as far as the spirit of her letter goes.  We were happy to help you, you were a great student.

This is my testimonial.  I hope that it will be helpful for the people out there trying to search for some good training place.  For me, finding VXL Training has played such a crucial role in my career.  Because of VXL I am now in my dream job.
As far as my story, I had lots of questions and Vijay answered them honestly and openly and I am so happy that I came to VXL Training.  I was trained in Embedded Systems and it took less than 30 days for me to get my job.  VXL helped me achieve my dream and I will always be grateful.
I hope my testimonial helps others, and you cannot go wrong in choosing VXL Training. 
Once again I am so thankful to VXL and the entire team.