Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Kids

I term all my students that come to our training institute as my kids.  I do not have kids of my own and I will spend whatever it takes, get the best of everything to help my kids succeed.

Everyone makes fun of me because of my terminology for my students, but that is how I feel.

Each has taken the decision to place his trust in me and I will work hard to not fail them.

Once my students come here, they will come to realize this.  I get in fights with Naveen and others all the time for my heavy spending on my kids for various classes and constant upgrades to our services and infrastructure.  But that is how I am. I simply have to have the very best, whether it is people or infrastructure.

Our SAP server infrastructure must have cost us about $200,000 and an additional $7,800 per year in SAP support fees along with $30,000 year in license fees to Majul Enterprises.   I pay this because I simply have to have the very best in Infrastructure and so I do not have to rely on others even for our SAP Access.

I know lots of other people would think that I go a little crazy in everything I do for my students, but I do not have kids and I do not have anything to really save for, so I spend all my money on my kids or for their benefit.

I can guarantee you that I will keep making things better and better for each batch of kids that come to us for training.  I will not be like other training and placement institutes.

If any of my kids have an issue they can come to me and I would be happy to listen and solve the issue as quickly as possible.