Saturday, July 7, 2012

Money for Training

I have students that pay me for training and it always amazes me that they want 100% guarantee that they will get a job for their $1000 to $2500 payment.  I wish they would ask the same question when they join college and are about to pay $100,000.

I get lots of people that ask me that question, and in fact I was asked that question yesterday and I always give the same answer:

Ques: "Can you guarantee me that I will get a job if I come to this training and pay the money?"

Answer: "NO! There is no way anybody can answer yes to that question.   There are so many factors that go into getting a job and knowledge is just one function of that equation."

The ones that ask that question, after I tell them NO, they usually go away and that makes me very happy.  I am sure that some training companies will give the YES answer, but I cannot see how you can truthfully give that answer.  I consider myself one of the best in some of the technologies that we teach, and even I only have a 70% placement rate and I consider that extremely good.

If there is some company that has a 100% placement rate and can answer YES, then my hats off to you.  You guys are must be something amazing and I would love to learn more from you.

I work my butt off to get to that 70% placement rate and I am happy with that rate.