Friday, July 27, 2012

Training for Corporations

I love the training part of our business and you all know how passionate I am about delivering quality in any training course I run.

We have been getting more and more popular as far as corporate training.  I do not advertise and I do not have a sales team, marketing our services.  I have been able to get customers simply based on word of mouth and I could hope that when they meet me, my passion for training comes across to them.

What are the benefits for corporations to give us their training business?:

1) We can provide training at 80% of the cost of other corporate training companies.

2) We have been training for a long time and we simply have the best teachers.  Most of my teachers have been training on the same subject for me for over 5 years.

3) We can come to your location for training - Saving you a bundle on travel expenses.

4) We record all our classes - Your employees can watch these videos over and over so that they can practice at home and when the teacher is not there.  It is also a handy reference to review topics.

5) We give lots of practical work and homework so that the students can learn practically.  Every theory topics is reemphasized with work on the system for reinforcement.

With all the benefits that I provide, the most important benefits we provide are our teachers.  We truly believe that we have the very best teachers on any topic that we teach.

The second most important benefit is our LMS (Learning Management System) in which we load all our classes so that the students can watch these classes over and over.  In most software topics for advanced topics it is very important to watch the classes multiple times to really learn the concept well.

I know that I can save our MI companies lots of money while delivering higher quality training then what they currently receive, and I think I need to get a sales force to spread the word.