Friday, July 27, 2012


I will be unavailable from July 23-27 and July 31-Aug 2.

We got a major training opportunity at a Mutlibillion dollar company and I am in Jackson MI overseeing the training.  The training room that the client has provided us is in the basement and my phone does not work when I am in the training room.

I am very proud of the value we were able to deliver this client.

We provided live training at their facility at 80% of the cost and they did not have to spend anything on travel, accommodations or food for their students.

We are recording this class for them and the students can watch this class over and over.  The funny thing is that this same group of students had been to SAP for training for the exact same class, but they forgot everything since it was long back. 

My guess is that with all the travel expenses and full cost of the class, they would have spent 200% of the cost that I quoted.  They will never have to pay for this class again for this same group, since this class is recorded and the students can review this class multiple times, until they are proficient in this technology.

About the biggest worry for the company is the quality of the training.  I will do an evaluation for the course from these students and post them online for everyone to see.