Saturday, July 7, 2012

Highest Paid Employee

Do you know who the highest paid employee is our company?

It is not me, who does all the recruitment and training.
It is not our main marketing who does 30-40 placements a year

It is the head of legal division that handles all the paperwork for the students so that they can maintain their status to work in USA.  This is such a crucial job and so important to be a detail orientated person.  It is a person's life that is in the balance when you do that job, and a small failure can cause such tremendous consequences, that you have to have the best person you can find in this role.

I am not saying that my employee that is in this role does not have his eccentricities, but he is simply the very best at his job as far as being perfect with paperwork and getting approvals.  In fact we have 100% approval rate.

But I was just thinking that I should be the highest paid in my own company, but upon reflection it is correct that the head of our legal division is the highest paid employee.  One mistake and poof a life changes and that is a tremendous responsibility to have to live with every day.