Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recruitment Event

I had gone to Oakland University to recruit recent graduates for our Training and Placement program.  It is amazing to me how naive most students are.  They had those Q & A sessions and they had the head of DTE Human Resources and the CEO's of 2 other recruitment companies. 

There was those usual questions from students:

How can I get my resume to stand out?

What extracurricular activities can I do to get a job?

On and on, kind of boring, because most of the answers do not reflect the marketplace, but reflect the ideal. 

Do any of you students ask yourselves, how do Indian Students excel in IT and get IT jobs that pay so well right out of college?

I will tell you why.  They know the reality of the marketplace.  I get kids that have terrible writing skills and terrible communication skills, but still I am able to train and place them into Fortune 500 companies.  Sometimes I feel like taking these kids I meet at college (Non-Indian) by the collar and yelling: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?  HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE? If you see all these Indian kids doing so well, don't you wonder how they are doing it?

Each and every one of you average kids needs to come to a consulting company like mine that can train  you and place you into good jobs.  There are still millions of unfilled jobs at Fortune 500 companies.  The simple reason is that there are not enough qualified job seekers with the required skill sets to fill those jobs. 

In the old days a company would hire a recent college graduate and then train them to fill that job.  But let me give you a financial example of why companies do not do that any more.  Let us say you are BCBS and you are looking for a NASCO developer, you hire a recent college graduate, send them to NASCO for training or train in-house, and usually a recently trained student will usually take 2-3 months in addition to the training time before they truly become effective on the job.  This entire process will take 6 months at a cost of about about $30,000 on average.  A company could spend all this money and get a great employee, but in the end most of them will leave, because the marketplace will dictate a higher salary.  I have seen this happen at BCBS over and over and companies will realize this and then start advertising for experienced NASCO developers only.  They will let someone else take the trouble to train them and then hire them after they get some experience.

That is the current market place.  I can guarantee you that there are no jobs out there for generalized skill sets, every company wants someone with a technology focus and can demonstrate exceptional skills in that technology. 

So the choice is clear, stay unemployed or underemployed or come to a consulting company like mine and learn real skills and be working in 90 days.