Monday, April 9, 2012

New Subject - 1 Week Training

Here was the pitch.  Give me 1 week with your students and we will train them in an IT subject and by the second week we will place you in a job paying you $50,000/yr for the first year. 

The job will be in downtown Detroit.

That was the pitch that was posed to me.  I am highly skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true but I tired out these new teachers, figuring that 1 week of my students times was worth it, if this really worked.

What Happened:

I gave them 2 students and they were able to place both students in the job and 1 has lasted for 2 months now and the 2nd one was fired after 3 weeks.  Not bad for 1 week of training.

With this background I have assigned a new batch of students to these 2 teachers and we are in the process of training a group of 6 students.  The week of  April 16-21 we will start placing these students.  If this second test group works out also, I will be recruiting heavily for this training.  So when you call me, ask about our 1 week training program.