Monday, April 9, 2012

3 New Teachers at VXL

It is rare that I get excited, but over the last 2 months I have found 3 fabulous teachers. 

My SAP SD teacher, Sekhar,  has been teaching for me for 3 batches now and almost universally everyone agrees that he is the simply one of the best teachers VXL has ever had.  He is very knowledgeable and patient.  You can ask almost any question about SAP SD and he will have an answer for you.  Our SAP SD class is a minimum of 2 months long and covers almost the entire breadth of SAP SD.  It is hard to describe in words what a great teacher we have for this class.

I have not taught SAP BI since Kiran left to start his own company, only because no one has even come close to comparing to Kiran as far as knowledge or commitment.  I am happy to announce that we will be starting SAP BI again.  Our teacher Vinod is at least as good as Kiran if not better.  So I am happy to announce that VXL is teaching SAP BI again and our first class will be starting on May 12th.  Welcome to our team Vinod.

We have a great new .NET teacher, Soumya.  She is only 4 years out of her college with her masters degree, but she is so passionate about .NET and is willing to train new students from the very basics up to the most advanced components in .NET.  She just loves .NET and it shows when she talks so passionately about her subject.  If you have been thinking about .NET I cannot imagine that there is a better teacher you will find then Soumya.

Welcome all three of my new teachers to VXL.