Sunday, April 15, 2012

Core Philosophical Change

I have always been about the success of my students in the long term, and I always did everything with the thought process of their long term success.

But I have come across a huge conundrum, and here it is:

I currently have found a few fantastic teachers in:

SQL Server
Healthcare Software

Any student that takes a class with one of these teachers will surely be successful, but everything is a matter of time frame.

1 Week - Healthcare Software

We teach a healthcare software that takes only 1 week to learn and we can place you in a job with 2 weeks.  Pay will be $50,000 a year with very little chance for pay increases over the first 2 years.

4 weeks - SQL Server

We teach Data Warehousing, SQL Server, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, TFS in this class and our teacher has placed 50-60 students in this technology over the last 2 years.  Pay rate starting will be $56,000 with pay increases up to $70,000 in second year and up to $80,000 in your third year.

5 Months - Other Niche Technologies
We teach other technologies that takes 3 months to learn well and now to get job will require an additional 2 months of live project training to really learn enough for you to get the job and survive on the job.  Pay rate will be $56,000 first year, $100,000 second year and $120,000 third year.

As you can see, the longer the training, the higher income in the long run.   But I get mostly recent graduates and everybody wants a job right away, and even if I explain to people that in the long run it is in their best interest to learn the tougher technologies because of the high bill rates, most students will choose to get a job as quick as possible.

I have a few bullet points here:

Niche Technologies Companies are always looking for other giant technology companies to partner with.  So they will partner with someone like Infosys or Wipro, before they give small companies in USA a path to partnership.

Companies like IBM and Microsoft both have a defined path to partnership with levels that are clearly defined and encourage small companies like ours to grow together.

I am obsessed with quality in almost everything I do and will spend any amount of money and time to become the very best in the field that I choose to dominate.

One of my teachers pointed out yesterday, why Microsoft SQL Server will dominate the market place, he said when a customer buys SQL Server, you get SSIS, SSRS, SSAS etc.. and other things from Microsoft for free.  Enterprise customers will save huge money when they buy SQL Server and that is why Microsoft will go on to dominate the market place.

So with all this in mind, from Monday April 16, 2012 our entire company focus will change to concentrate on:

1) Microsoft Technologies  - Because of the availability of partnership and time to market of students that come for training.

2) IBM Technologies - Because of the availability of partnership and time to market of students that come for training.

3) SAP - Various Modules - Because I have an SAP license and we can train our own consultants, and we have some of the best teachers in the entire USA for this technology.

That is all that we will teach going forward.  I will not teach any other technology except for the core focus that our company will concentrate on.

I would much rather emulate a company like Miracle Soft then a company like CCSI.  They are both successful, but I want a company that will last the test of time and have a core focus with established partnerships.  It is one thing to make money and another to build a great company, and I choose to build a great company.

I have targets for each year that are defined on January 1st so each employee understands what our goals are for that year.   Our new goals for 2012 are:

1) 10 Certified employees in SQL Server
2) 5 Certified employees in WebSphere
3) 5 Certified Employees in Lombardi Teamworks
4) Level 1 Partnership with Microsoft
5) Lever 1 Partnership with IBM

I know we lost 4.5 month of this year to achieve our goals and this makes it much harder to achieve our goals.  But sometimes an epiphany causes dramatic shifts and this is one of those times.  If I was to die within a few years, I want to know that I have used my time towards building a great company and not simply making money.  Money has never been important to me, but I believe that this shift in focus will cause us to make more money in the long run but sacrifice profits in the short run.