Friday, February 24, 2012

Recruitment - Michigan Collegiate Job Fair

I had signed up for this large recruitment event for March 23rd that was going to be held at Barton Manor in which 900 college students were going to attend.  I paid $1620 and signed up for advertising in their magazine and for a booth for recruitment.  I was actually on a trip to Hawaii during that time and I was going to cut my trip short, and come back just to recruit some recent college graduates.

Then I get the below email from the coordinator:


Good Morning Vijay,

In processing your registration for the upcoming Michigan Collegiate Job Fair, I noticed that your organization is specifically looking for recent Master level graduates to do an internship with your organization followed by placement. I also see that those candidates who are not master level graduates will be charged $1500-$2500 for services provided. In reviewing your website and and the type of candidates you are seeking, I'm don't believe this fair will be the best venue for you in terms of recruiting candidates. This fair will primarily consist of graduating seniors (undergraduate) and recent alumni who is not your target population.

I will keep your contact information on file and notify you of any future opportunities that may arise that would be a better fit.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
I called this young lady and explained to her our process and what we can do for these students.  She listened, but not really listened.
I saw the list of employers that are coming and if you are a recent graduate and  I can guarantee you that the job opportunities that are available will be in the $30,000-$50,000 with very slow advancement.

With us, we will pay $56,000 first year and by second year our employees will be close to $100,000.  Unless you got a job with one of the big consulting companies at these career events there is no way any opportunity they provide will come even close to what we can provide.
I was telling this young lady about the opportunity we provide and how much our employees make by second year, and she heard me, and completely ignored everything I told her, and then said that since I do not offer a position right away and that a position was not guaranteed after the training then I could not recruit at their event.
I can correlate this to an event that happened when I was a child.  I wanted this car racing set that also had a train set integrated into it.  We went to the toy store and they were all sold out, but there was another set that was just a car racing set without the train.  My mom told me to wait and they would buy it again when it came back in stock.  But I told my mom that I wanted that toy right away and I was unwilling to wait.  Even though I knew that waiting was the better option, I was unwilling to wait, and I got my car racing set.
These students are not children anymore, so would you take an entry level job paying $30,000-$50,000 a year now and take ten years to get to the $100,000 range or take training for 90 days with me, and get a chance to make $100,000 by the second year.   I assume that most of the students are not small children anymore and they will choose my option when they hear what I have to offer.
OK, fellow American kids, I tried my best to recruit and train you for free and then place you into high paying IT jobs, but other Americans are holding me back and not even giving me a chance to help you.  I will NOT make any extra effort anymore to recruit you guys at jobs fairs.  You will have to come and find me, if you want my help.
I really like and want to help Americans succeed in the IT sector.  There are currently 2,000,000 IT jobs that are currently unfilled, because there are no people available with that skill set that companies are looking for.
I guess I can just keep helping all these F1 students that come to me and be happy with that, but.... There is something that wants me to help these American Students that simply do not understand how to get high paying jobs.  The kids at Princeton, Yale and Harvard will always do fine, but for you kids from Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University and Western Michigan University, I would say that the large majority of you need my help to get a high paying job.
In life it is very easy to get a job that pays below $50,000 but to move to the next level of $100,000 and above you need my help.