Sunday, March 4, 2012

Office Front Doors

I paid a great deal of money to install magnetic locks in our office.  You can only enter with a card key.  My friends always complain that my office doors are locked.  You have to view it from my point of view.  I have at least 10-20 students at any one time studying with me, and each one has their own time period that they study. Some study at night and some study during the day. 

I mainly put the locks in place so that the students that are girls will feel safe when they are studying in our office.

I dream a lot and I get ideas and now that I have money I simply implement the ideas.  I am sure in the consulting business my office would be the most high-tech office anyone has ever seen.  I have the best Electronic White Boards (Promethean), the best 1080P Projectors, and the best Speaker Phones (Polycom).

I had a few students complain that they could not hear in the back of the room, so I bought a wireless mic with speakers so that it will not be an issue.

I am sure that I bug the hell out of my partners in the business when I spend crazy amounts of money on getting the best of everything.  I know I have a problem, I care way too much about quality than about money.  I will continue to spend massive amounts of money on getting my students the best.  Weather it is spending $5000 to install Magnetic Locks on our Front Door or flying in a teacher from another city, I can guarantee you that I will get my students the best of everything.

And, yes I really did spend $5000 on installing locks for our front doors.  I wanted my female students to feel safe and comfortable in our office.