Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He works like an American!

I got this comment about one of my employees.  What does this mean?  I trained an African American student that had dropped out of college and was working as a front desk clerk in IT and placed him in a Fortune 500 company.  I had another employee there already and when I asked her how my recent employee was doing.  Her comment was, "He works like an American." 

In the consulting world, when you work with most Indian Consulting companies, they bid very aggressively to get projects and the Indian consultants know this.  They know that they are expected to work nights and weekends without compensation so that the project can be delivered on time and budget.

Since most of my students are new in the field and relatively young, I hope that they realize how important it is to work, night and day for a few years.  Money should be secondary, experience is what is important.

To work like an American is to work 9-5 and that is it.  You can get back to working like an American after a few years of real experience, but until then, work like an Indian or a Chinese.

By the way my employee that works like an American is doing great, because he is very friendly and he gets along with the business side and the development side.  These two sides are always in battle on a project and he is able to bridge the gap.  But, please work harder at least for 2-3 years.  From the beginning of the 2nd year his salary will increase close to $100,000 and I am hoping that this will motivate him.