Monday, February 13, 2012

Unusual Placement

Today we did an unusual placement and I though that I would mention it.  I got a call from an F1 student that said that he was already trained in Informatica and could I place him? 

I told him to send me a resume and I would have my Informatica teacher talk to him and judge his skill set and if he was good, I would market him and place him.  He turned out to be very good and we are currently marketing him and I think he will be placed this week.

One of his friends call me and told me that he was trained in .NET and would I place him?  Same procedure and he also turned out to be excellent.  I placed him today and I got his Purchase Order today for him and his start date for his project is Feb 27th.

I am used to teaching my students and then placing them, but this was absolutely the first time that I placed someone that I did not train.

I am obsessed with quality and I know the quality of my students that I train, so I am very comfortable when I place them, and I am sure that they will succeed.  A lot of times, companies call me for newly trained students, since they know how I am and have liked my past students that work(ed) for them.

Our marketing division has become fantastic at placing students and I am now getting students that others have trained.  It is an interesting facet to our business.