Thursday, July 14, 2011

Videos of All Our Classes

I keep videos available of all of our classes that we teach on our online learning portal.  This has taken great efforts our our side.  I never promise access to these videos in any class that we advertise, but why do I provide these?


I provide everything I do, because no matter what subject, when you get beyond 50% of the class the topics become very complicated and every student will want to listen to these topics again and again.  I provide these videos so our student can listen to all the complicated topics over and over to get perfect in them.  I provide these topics so that when they are doing labs, then can use these videos as a reference.  I provide these videos, because the simply work.  We have seen our placements rate increase tremendously just by having the videos. 

You will see more innovation coming to VXL over the next few years.  The more money I make the more technology and innovation I will keep bringing into the education field.

I was at a friends consulting company and they have started training recently, and he had one computer for every 2-3 students.  He said that this is how training is done in India and there was no need to provide every student a computer.  I just laughed and laughed.  He had a non-working projector that he wanted to me take a look at to see if I could fix it.  I laughed some more, told him to throw it in the garbage and get a new one and left.  I just shake my head each time I see nonsense like this.  I provide laptops to my students that need them, I have the latest technology as far as Electronic White Boards and Polycom Speaker Phone.  My online video portal will be on par with some of the finest colleges one I am done tweaking it and perfecting it.

I constantly look to improve and become better, and our online videos system is just one small piece of this process.