Thursday, July 21, 2011

My student taught me a valuable lesson

We had a student that we trained and she got a job on the very first interview (This has happened only once before).  The usual is that a student will fail his first 3 interviews and then about 75% of the kids succeed in one of the next 3 interviews.

I was amazed by her amazing success and asked her how she had succeeded and could she please share her advice to the rest of the batch so that they could succeed also. 

3 paragraphs here has been redacted in this story. 

My students feel like they are competing against others for jobs and they do not want my advice to go to competitors for them when they are interviewing.  So sorry, my students come first to me over outsiders, so for their piece of mind and benefit, I have redacted the 3 paragraphs that were here before.

Yes, I am always willing to learn.  I never say that I have all the answers.  I strive to keep improving, because my success is so intertwined in the success of my students.

Training for a Better Future, yes that is our motto and I really mean it.