Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prasad's Story

There was a student that wrote me an email and I found it interesting.  I have changed the name to protect the student.  Below is the letter. (I have corrected the spelling and punctuations)

Hello Vijay,

This is Prasad. I graduated in MIS from ***** and in OPT now.  I trusted a training company and came to Delaware for SAP FICO training, that supposed to be started from July 9th, but now they are forcing me to start a training in SAP BW and still not sure when they are going start that.  I had same experience with other training institute also, they took two online classes and cancelled the training.  I already spend my time and money for all these things but did not having positive outcome.  Now, I see that your company seems to be pretty impressive, and want to start my training as soon as possible.  Can you please let me know more details to enroll in the SAP FICO training (if any deposit is required), about food and accommodation, job placement etc.  I always appreciate you quick response. 


This is a typical experience that I have seen with a lot of students that end up coming to VXL.  Every consulting company is jumping into the training and placement model since it had become impossible to bring consultants over from India.  The cost to train candidates is very high.  I spend almost $30,000 a month on the training side.  Most consulting companies will have a very hard time to spend this type of money on training, because they are used to minimizing costs and keeping profits high.  A real high quality IT training center costs a lot of money to keep running.  A lot of times when our consultants are waiting for interviews I keep them in classes so that they can keep learning.  All of these efforts costs money.  

So I can understand when the SAP FICO class gets cancelled for recent entrants into training.  For a group of 5 students, a SAP FICO class that runs about 90 hours will typically costs about $10,000 to run during that two month period, which would include housing for the students.   If you run 2 or 3 sessions without any placements, then every single consulting company owner will start balking at the costs involved without the corresponding income.  On a typical student that comes to our institute we have a 7 month time frame from the time they start a job till be become cash flow positive for us on a Gross Basis.  If we include all the expenses and other costs, it will likely be about 8 months.

So Prasad, as far as a deposit for our students, that we take into training for FREE, there is no Deposit.  Accommodations and training is FREE.  Our classes run about 90% of the time on the date we advertise or 99% of the time within 2 weeks of the proposed start date.

Good luck to you Prasad and hope to see you here in Detroit soon.