Monday, July 25, 2011

Sisters Son - SUCCESS!!

I wrote about my sisters son a while back and how he used to scoff at me and what I did, and he did not really believe that what we do was possible.  He was unemployed for one year and could not find a job after graduating from college.  He finally came to me after one year.

Guess what?

Well I am now happy to report that he has finally landed a job.  He just got the offer today and we will be getting his contract signed in the next 2 days and he will be starting work from next Monday. (Contract is signed and he is all set to go)

Congrats to the whole team.  It took 2-3 weeks longer than I expected, but that is OK,  What is a few extra weeks, when we are starting someone on a lifetime of success.

It is always nice when you have finished training at VXL and are just interviewing, because I insist on continuous training.  So while he was interviewing for jobs, my sisters son has been learning, QA, Healthcare Domain Skills and other skills.

I just thought that I would report the good news, just in case all my readers wanted a conclusion to that story.