Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unemployed American & My Sisters Son

I see all these stories about unemployed Americans and are having a hard time to find jobs.  Here is my take on why you are unemployed and what the market is look for as far as IT.

The job market wants people with real skills.  The job market currently does not want fresh graduates, it does not want administrators, it does not want middle level managers.  Want it does want is people that have a large set of skills.  So go and learn JAVA, go and learn .NET, go and learn Rational Requisite Pro, go and learn SharePoint, these are specific skills that the market place wants.  Never heard of them?  That is where the real problem is, people that know JAVA or any of the other skills I have mentioned are currently making $100,000.

Below is a real example.

My sisters son graduated from Northwestern University, is an American Citizen, and tired to find a job for one year and was unsuccessful.  I kept telling him to come and learn with us and I would place him.  With just his degree in hand he interviewed at a few large corporations and was not hired.

So after one year he finally came to me and we taught him Business Analyst skills and he will be working in the next 30 days, I guarantee it.  He has been having interviews almost every week with fortune 500 companies, and my guess is that he will be working within 7-14 days.

But the person that came to me was a kid that had no idea how businesses worked and what fortune 500 companies were looking for.  Now after 8 weeks, I have companies fighting to schedule an interview with him and giving us verbal commitments that they want him.  I keep getting comments like, do you have any people like him, (The companies want to say American), we really liked him.

I guarantee you that companies want to hire American, but Americans simply do not have the right skill set to get hired.  All you unemployed really need to find consulting companies like mine that are willing to train you and place you into a job.  We know what you need as far as skill set.  You can go to college for 4 years and not learn as much as we can teach you in 60 days.  We teach 8 hours a day for 2 months and you will be ready for a job.

So all you unemployed Americans, find companies just like VXL and go and learn what it takes to get a job.  Get trained, and get placed.

VXL is here to change lives.  I can only help you if you come to me.  I do not have time to lead you here by hand.

By the way I asked my sisters son why he waited for so long before he came to me, and his answer was pretty simply, "What you do does not seem possible and I have been trained to not believe something if it seems to good to be true.  But I wish that I had listened to you and come here long back."

In 60 days I have infused him with invaluable skills that companies want.  He himself is more confident and his entire outlook on life has changed.  I got a young man and turned him into a responsible member of society.  He worked extremely hard and made him study 8 hours a day, I am sure that it was the hardest he has every worked in his entire life, we are very proud of the work he has done.

This is what I do.  I shouldn't say I, this is what the VXL team does.  It takes a large group of people and a lot money to help him succeed.  We would have likely spent about $5,000 on getting him ready, but it has been money well spent.  By the way do not think that we are a charity and do this for free, we will make money on my sister's son, probably a lot of money, but this is the consequence of my team loving what we do and working hard at it.