Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why is Embedded Systems so Hot?

Sometimes I simply do not understand why certain IT fields are so hot.  I have been stressing how the demand for Embedded Engineers has been red hot.  We had a class start last weekend and I had one student arrive 10 days back for the class and after just 2 weekends of classes, he has been placed and will be starting his new job on Monday.  How crazy is that.  There are still 3 weeks of classes left, and he already got placed, that shows you how crazy the demand is for Embedded Engineers? 

Companies are begging me for resumes so that they can setup interviews.  The demand is mind boggling. 

So for all you electrical and electronic engineers, this is the chance to get placed very quickly.

Since the demand is so hot I am starting another new batch from Oct 27th, so if you want a job as an embedded engineer, come to VXL, we will work hard and make sure that you are placed within 30-60 days of arriving at our campus.