Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Large Corporations and GC

I have a friend named Sunil.  When I used to work at CCSI, he come over on a H1B from Hyderabad.  The kid was brilliant and got a position at Foremost Insurance in MI.  He worked for CCSI for about 1 year and then he was offered a full-time position at Foremost and he took the job.  His salary was actually less than what he was making as a consultant, but he liked the idea of a full-time job and he took it.

Now what is the most important thing for a F1 or a H1B consultant.  For an F1 it is to get a job and then H1B, but eventually it is to get a Green Card.  I would say for 95% of the F1 and H1B candidates that is the most important thing for the future.

I say this, because it sounds exciting and the right thing to do, which is to get a full-time job at a large corporation, but the one problem you will face is that they will do the Green Card (GC) filing on their terms and in their own time.  If the manager promised you to file you a GC on EB2 and later the company decides to file on EB3, well too bad, there is nothing you can do.

Let us get back to Sunil.  He got the full-time offer at Foremost Insurance and then after sometime they filed for his GC.  After about 1 year, Foremost Insurance outsourced that entire division to Computer Science Corporation (CSC), and he had to start the entire GC process all over over again which he did, and now he has come upon the 6 year time limit and GC has not progressed to a point where he can stay until he get the approval or denial of the GC.

So here he is, after 6 years, no GC and having to go back to India.  See you Sunil, I will miss you, you were a terrific person.

So there are some benefits to joining a large corporation, but I think as far as the most important benefit of working with smaller companies the main benefits are:

1) Getting your GC filed on your terms.  You are very important to a smaller company and can dictate your terms as far as the GC processing.  You want to insist on EB2 filing, you can get that done at a smaller company.  For a larger company, they have their own policies and they will file as per their terms.

2) Market Slowdown - When the market is hot, it is great at a larger company, but most large companies will fire you right away in a market slow down.  They could careless about you and your H1B problems or even the GC processing.  I know so many people that have come back to smaller companies after getting fired from large companies and lamenting over having to start the GC process all over again.

In summery I would say that there are a few benefits by working for large corporation, but as far as the most important things which is to get a GC, it is much better to stay with a smaller employer where you are more important and can be assured of a GC under EB2 category without any hiccups.