Saturday, October 6, 2012

Students for my Classes

People always come to me and tell me that they can get me more students and want to be paid for that, or they will come to me with ideas of a partnership and want me to recruit students for them.

I turn down all these ideas. 

The reason I do not go out and recruit more heavily or keep only 20-30 students in training is that, I can keep an eye on all aspects of training and marketing.  If I become any bigger I have to trust a lot more people with my kids future and I am unwilling to do that.

The only reason to recruit more students is to make more money and the day my life becomes a quest to make as much money as possible, than I know something has gone wrong.  I am passionate about a lot of things but making more and more money is not one of them.

I am very happy with our intrinsic growth and I really do not want anymore students.

To all those of you that want to partner with me, no thank you.  I simply do not trust the rest of you to do justice to my kids.  Most you are all about money and will lie and cheat to make money and you will cut and run if a kid needs more help, and these are traits that I will not put up with in my partners.