Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recent Masters Graduates

I have trained so many college graduates and have seen them get placed and I have seen them make the same mistake over and over during marketing and I am going to point these out.

Advice for Recent Masters Graduates or for people going through consulting companies for placement:

1) Remove LinkedIn Profile

2) Remove Facebook Profile or make it completely private - No information shows up.  Make all pictures private.

3) Create a new email ID, do not use the same email as your private email address and do not use your college email on your resume.

4) Google yourself and see what shows up - HR will Google you - Remove Negative material

5) Make sure to have 2 references with company email ID's from your last project

6) Make sure you know your last project on your resume - Remember that you have to be able to talk about this project for at least 15 minutes non-stop.

7) Know who the implementation partners are on your resume.

8) If a question is asked during interview - DO not answer Yes or NO.  Give complete answers, I am going to do a You Tube video and posted a link on this blog entry so that everyone can view it to get an idea on how to answer interview questions.

9) Be Confident - HR personnel are trained to hear for voice nuances.  The more prepared you are the more confident you will be.

10) Make sure you know which version of the software the companies are implementing.

11) Do not put your graduation date on your resume.  But be prepared with an answer that matches your resume in case you are asked during the interview.

12) Do not put your birthday on your resume

13) If you are asked what your status is, your answer should be EAD.  If they ask which type of EAD, answer GC EAD.

14) Be prepared to answer and defend the visa you entered the USA on what your current status is.

15) Write out a 2 page summary of all your projects and practice with a friend your answers.

In my experience most people need 2-3 interviews before they are selected for a project, so be persistent  and do not feel upset by a few failures. 

Work hard for 8-10 hours a day until you get placed, there is no substitute for hard work.