Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My head of marketing resigned yesterday and I was marketing today and I have to say that it was a big eye opener.  Out of the 3000 new jobs that were  sent to me to see if I could fill the position about 40% were for JAVA openings and another 30% were for .NET openings, leaving 30% for all the other technologies.

With so much unemployment in USA, I wonder if anyone even knows that there are probably a hundred thousand open jobs in just JAVA and .NET alone in USA.

Everyone that comes to me wants to only learn functional subjects.  Nobody wants to do hard job of learning to do coding anymore.

JAVA jobs are  paying $60 per hour currently and with a few years of experience the pay scale goes up to $80 per hour.

I have said it in the past and I am going to say it again, ever single student or recent graduate needs to take JAVA and PL/SQL or .NET and PL/SQL.  If you are not working there is nobody to blame but yourself.

We train students in JAVA in 90 days and within another 30 days have them working.

We train students in .NET in 60 days and within another 45 days have them working.

We train students in PL/SQL in 14 days and you can even get jobs in PL/SQL but the bill rates are very low.

Besides just stating the facts and telling students through the blog about the demand for JAVA and .NET jobs, I am not sure how else I can spread the message.

I probably get 100 calls a month for training in BA, and maybe one call a month for training in JAVA or .NET.  The demand is so low, I have even stopped answering people emails for BA training.  There is no use in learning BA when it is so hard to get you a job.

I have a friend that owns a major online training company and he was telling me that he trains 10 batches at a time in BA.  I am sure that very few of his students get jobs after the training, but even if you tell people these statistics people will still want to take the BA training.  Everybody wants the easy job and nobody wants to do the hard work anymore even if it pays more.