Friday, November 8, 2019

Why Should I Learn JAVA?

JAVA is the backbone of the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of open JAVA positions in USA, because there are not enough qualified candidates to fill them. Java is #1 programming language in the world which is in high-demand and jobs are available in almost any city in USA. Greatest flexibility as far as relocation. Learn this skill and get placed immediately and it will lead you towards higher paying positions.

If you learn JAVA you will be employed for the rest of your life. Other software may come and go, but JAVA is just so core, it will never disappear. Lots of the Hottest Software backbone is JAVA. So it is easy to transition into hot software sectors.

Our JAVA teacher came to USA as an immigrant and decided to become an expert in JAVA. Now he is the CTO of a Fortune 500 company.

More than the fulfillment of his career, his true joy is teaching. He currently volunteers and teaches for the Science Fair at local public schools and his team came in 3rd and 4th nationally. He is truly a wonderful teacher and he is passionate about it. A lot of people are skilled in their profession but not everybody can teach those skills to others. Our teacher was born to teach, he is that amazing.

If you are going to learn a skill, learn from the best.