Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Embedded Class - Amazing Class

This class is taught by 2 teachers.  One teacher will teach the Embedded Domain and one teacher will teach C and C++.  It lasts 2 months but it will change your life around.

Both teachers are live in our facility and this class will be taught live in our office in Farmington Hills MI.

Truly wonderful class if you want to work in the Embedded Domain.  What you learn in college is very insufficient to get a job and this is a high pressure learning environment with an immense amount of knowledge that will be taught in a very short time.  Put your bests efforts in this class and we help you build a career in Embedded.

We will be providing Projects with Arduino Boards to provide hands on experience to the students.

With the new OPT Rules and if you are an Electrical or Electronic major, you simply have no choice but to take this class.  Only after this class will you be able to get a full-time job.

Our last batch had 7 students and 5 got full-time offers and 2 are still taking interviews.

Do not waste your time anywhere else.  I know it is a lot of money, but we typically lose money on our classes, but I hold them because I feel like it is helping a lot of students.

You will not lie on your resume, you can market yourself as an OPT and the demand is so high that companies are hiring even if you are OPT.  Of course if you are an American Citizen, then you will be hired right away.  In our last batch the Green Card holder was hired first, even though he was a Bachelors degree holder.

I am very rich and I could without the headaches of running this class, but I truly run this class only because I know it helps so many people.  Last 2 classes I lost over $10,000 just in training fees and I am sure if I included guest house costs and other costs, I have lost huge money.

This class is not for just Indians, every single graduate in Electrical or Electronics should take this class.  We teach you from a job perspective and if you are American or any other nationality, if you want to work in Automotive Embedded, you  MUST take this class.

I guarantee you that you will learn so much and will have a very high percentage chance of working in Embedded after you take our class.