Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Info About the BA class starting in Wash DC

We have an exciting new class that is starting at our Falls Church VA facility.  If you or your friends are interested here are the details.  The teacher is very talented and has already build a large company and sold it to IBM.  He is now back to his first love, teaching and working with students.

He is working on a live project and he expects everyone to come to the office every day.  He wants everyone to participate in the live meetings and the see the documentation and will expect you to do the work as he does the work on a daily basis.  He says if you follow his advice he can insure you of 100% placement.  He will be in the office every day to work with everybody.

I am so excited about this class, I cannot even express it in words.

We are looking to train and place students in: (I prefer US Citizens or GC, but we will take OPT's also)

Business Analyst – Start Date – July 13th at 9AM
This course will take a total of 1 month and will be taught live in Falls Church VA.  

Placement will be in Northern VA or in New York NY.

To be considered for our FREE training, please contact me via email or phone.

We Provide:
1) Free training and placement
2) Free H1B Processing
3) Free Accommodations in our Guest House


Domain Expertise
PM and Business Analysis Skills
• Capital Markets
A Career in Business Analysis
• Secondary Mortgage and Securitization
• Fundamentals of BA
• Fixed Income Products
• The Role of a Business Analyst
• Fixed Income Accounting
• IT Analyst
• Market Data Management
• BA Process
• Interest Rate Risk Management
CBAP(Certified Business Analyst Professional)
• Market Risk Management and Ratings
• Introduction to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
• Credit Risk Management
• Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
• Counterparty Risk and Exposure Management
• Requirements Elicitation
• Collateral Management (Cash, Non Cash, Paper)
• Requirements Management and Communications
• Bonds and Stocks and their Life cycles
• Enterprise Analysis
• Securities Finance/Lending, REPO and Money Markets
• Requirements Analysis
•Mortgage Back Security Types
• Underlying Competencies
• Rates, Factors and Cash flows for Fixed Income Products
• Solution Assessment and Validation
 •Some other Finance related topics.
• Business Analysis Techniques
Data Analysis and QA Skills
• Agile SCRUM
• Enterprise Data Exchange Standards
• Querying Databases for Analyzing Data
• Drill Down and Solution Roadmaps
• Writing Test Plans and Test Cases
• Mind Maps
Other Topics

• Real Time examples

• Sample coursework

• Resume Preparation

• Interview Preparation

• Answering Vendor Phone Calls and Communication

• On Job Behavior and Professionalism

• How to succeed at work.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New BA Class

I am extremely picky about people that I work with.  I have found for for us a fantastic BA teacher.

He will be teaching Business Analyst with Mortgage Industry and Capital Markets Domain expertise.

The placements will primarily be in Northern Virgina and in New York City.

This class will be starting on July 13th at 9AM in our Falls Church VA office and will be available online for students that do not live nearby.

This teacher has already build a large company and sold it to IBM, but his first love is teaching and working with students, so are extremely lucky to have him become part of the VXL Training family.

If you have friends that have good communication skills and are decently smart, please send them for this class.  It is not very technical and this class can be finished in just 1 month.

New Manager for Detroit Office

We have a new manager for the Detroit office and it is ME.  Yes I am back to running the Detroit office.

I will be doing the marketing from now onwards also.

The market is very slow and during this period our consultants have a much better chance for placement with me doing the marketing than anyone else, so I am taking over marketing.

If you nearby, come and see me at the Detroit office location.