Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DC Office - Almost Ready

For our DC office we are finally almost finished with our setup.  Since VXL Training has been open in Detroit for so long, I forgot how many things you need for a new office.  In Detroit we acquired everything over 5-7 years, but in DC we had to buy everything all at once.

I got the new Student Desks for the training room.  Here they are:

I ordered 30 new chairs for the classroom:

(Now I just have to put them together)


I ordered new furniture for the rest of the office and I am still waiting for the delivery of that furniture.

Today the HD Projector should be coming in as well as the 4' x 8' Whiteboard.  Now I just need to find someone that can install both of them.

We will keep working hard to get the office ready.  We have postponed  the start of the first session of classes to Feb 2nd to give us a chance to have everything perfect for our students.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfect Location for Training and Placement

After being in DC for about 1 month now, I have come to the realization that the perfect location for a company like mine that specializes in Training and Placement of students is Detroit MI.

That seems like an odd statement, but I will explain why.

My costs in Wash DC per month is:

1600 Sqft Office - $2400
Office Utilities - $750
Guest House #1 Rental - $2500
Guest House #1 Expenses - $500
Rental House for Vijay - $3000
Rental House for Vijay Expenses - $500

Total - $9650

Now this setup is good for about 4 students.  Each additional group of 4 students will cost an additional $3000 per month.

In Detroit the same expenses for the same setup would be:

1600 Sqft Office - $1600
Office Utilities - Zero
Guest House #1 - $1000
Guest House Expenses -$300
Rental House for Vijay - Zero

Total - $2900

The same setup in Detroit would be $2900 a month and each additional group of  4 students would cost me an additional $1300.  In Detroit, VXL Training bought our own Condos to house our students.  The Condos in Detroit cost $100,000 but in Wash DC the same condos cost $500,000.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wash DC - Everything is Slow

I would have guessed that being in Wash DC everything would done quickly, but it is the exact opposite.  Everything takes so much time here.

After weeks, I finally go the new office space for the Wash DC office.

We are now located at:

7635 Leesburg Pike
Ste 100
Falls Church VA 22043

We are about 2 building away from Stratford University in Falls Church, VA.

Today we are going to go and buy office furniture so that we can start operations from next week at least. 

I feel bad for my students, I have a big group that want to come for our new classes, but due to the delays, I have had to postpone our first set of classes twice already.

I am hoping to start on the 19th, if I can get the guest houses settled over the next week.